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January 19, 2010


Regarding the ending: Whoa.


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Based on my personal experience messing with Irish women, that Russian dude got off easy. He still has several appendages left, and may be able to reproduce once he stops the bleeding.


See what happens when you go to Vegas to take in a Manilow concert hit the crap tables instead of watching 24?

padraig, are you being smart?? Remember, I am not only an Irish woman, but also half Scottish. I'll hurt you then make you pay for your own bandages.

Ooh, snap, cindy! LOL!

Hand's on the ground! Hand's on the ground!
Lookin’ like a fool wit 'chya hand on the ground!

*snork* @ tf8!!

Maybe someone can help with this -- my daughter swears she saw Freckles take the guy's entire hand off, but I thought it was just his thumb (which would be enough to slide the bracelet off, seems to me).

So which did y'all see?

I thought it was the whole thing, WD.

I fell asleep before the end; "WHOA" doesn't help, very much. The cutting stuff off discussion gives me some idea, though.

I thought it was the whole thing too,WD. She didn't look like she really cared about saving much on him. Also it was an awful lot of blood. Next week he'll probably have a big bandaid on it and grimace a lot.

I was covering my eyes.

Freckles, of course, avoided all blood spatter...

Not to be too overly critical of the "brilliant writers", but I remember Jack removing a hand a few seasons ago...the CTU agent was clamped to a deadly gas vial that was about to go off, so off came the hand.

They're recycling scripts!!!

Reminds me of how last season began with the ripoff of "Die Hard 2".

Yeah, I guess shooting kneecaps is wimpy now compared to that. I'll never look at a saw the same way again.

A slow-mo replay indicates the thumb was whacked off, not the whole hand.

'...just a flesh wound'

S - thumb's up on that!

So it wasn't the whole hand.
If Jack is the only witness, do you think he'll finger Freckles?

If he ever hitchhikes he's only going to be able to go in one direction. That's sad.

Jack is getting turned on, I'm thinkin'.

*snorks* nursecindy & trustf8!

you guys did a GREAT job of posting more posts than anyone could possibly keep up with, the past two nights! how DO you do it?!

A woman who knows her way around power tools is hard to find.

Renee asked for some help, and he made the mistake of saying he would lend a hand.

Judi: two words: laptops and wi-fi (or does "laptops" count as two?).

psssssssst...tf8?? pull my finger!

To answer judi's question on how we DO it: crack

um...I meant, wi-fi and a laptop...

I still contend that the net effect of that scene was to get guys lusting after Renee even more. It's the whole cavewoman-with-power-tools thing. Works even better than a policewoman outfit. Ummmm, or so I theorize.

trustf8, you had me seriously *snorking* - showed the mr. your post, with no comment from me, and we BOTH had the same unclean thoughts !!!

We just do what we can judi, we do what we can.

Alcohol lubrication helps too. ;-)

I thought it was an angle grinder which would be much more gruesome. Think of a high speed file instead of a saw or knife.

As I said on the 24 recap, I always liked Freckles last year because of her disarming nature.

"Dis-thumbing" doesn't have the same ring.

A sharp machete would have been quicker. Just sayin'

Yeah, and Siouxie wouldn't have even had to put the guy's hand in a vise.

Just "Look over there!" "What?" *WHACK*

Cleaner cut. Less mess.

*idly wonders if heating the machete, prior to the whacking, would help cauterize the wound*

I noticed that neither Freckles nor Jack had any protection on.....not that..., I mean gloves, masks, etc. (Blood=HIV, etc). What kind of example does that send to the young torturers out there watching ?

Maybe she had a styptic pencil in her purse,Siouxie.

Pfff. A thumb? Amateurs. They haven't read "Gerald's Game."

Guin, I tried to read "Gerald's Game". With apologies to Mr. Stephen King, it is the only one of his books I couldn't finish because it creeped me out so badly.

Good one, Guin. Creepy but good book!

Until that scene, I was beginning to think Freckles had gone emo, what with the heavy dark eyeliner and the scars on her wrists.

But since Agent Freckles only cuts other people, that can't be the case.

But she could still be Goth, I suppose...

Freckles, of course, avoided all blood spatter...
Posted by: trustf8 | January 19, 2010 at 05:32 PM

Um...those aren't freckles.

And yes, Siouxie - heating the blade helps, but the smell gets a tad icky. Kinda like cinnamon-flavored bacon.

Judi -- I only made it to page 7 or 8 myself. These people are so insane delightful.

Spazztic: belated thanks for the corroboration.

trustf8: LMAO @ "Hand's on the gound"!

I gonna keep BOTH EYES on Renee henceforth.

Just a couple of observations about 24 so far.

1) Agent Hard Body and power tools...great combination.

2) How tall would Hasting be if he actually stood up straight?

3) Say what you want about Sam the Sham, but he picks great hair care products. The guy almost gets his a$$ blown off, but his hair stayed perfect.

Didn't chop off the limb of a Russian a couple of seasons ago?

I find it interesting that Hastings is played by Mikelti Williamson, who was also Bubba in Forrest Gump.

My take on it is Bubba and Hastings are the same person.

Looks like the plot is going to involve Russians with nuclear weapons. Didn't we have that plot a couple of years ago?

Sam "the Sham" Samudio Lives! Get yourself a copy of "Sam, Hard & Heavy" and play it loud during 24 with the TV sound turned down and it will change your life. It might even help Renee "Walker Texas Chainsaw Massacre."

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