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January 20, 2010


The Desk Zamboni

(Thanks to Andrew Hoenig)

(We could have used one of these babies in college, if you catch our drift)


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That sucks!

Kinda rinky-dink.

I'd rather have the ice on my desktop bumpy.

I don't think it'll help the stacks of paperwork that have fallen over...

i live to annoy my co-workers. they are an irritating bunch of a-holes, with NO sense of humor.

The puck stops here.

Adding green dye or dish detergent mixed with glycerin to the water tank of a Zamboni can make watching a high school hockey game even more entertaining.

Can it pop wheelies?

How does it cope with foreign objects like beer cans in those fun offices? If it only goes where something isn't there, doesn't it tend to fall off?
This would be an enormous time-waster and, therefore, probably a lot of fun.

For some reason, I want one. I guess it's because I've never seen a real,live zamboni.

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