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December 21, 2009


Monash University public health expert Dr Nathan Grills says Santa Claus promotes obesity, speeding, drink-driving

(Thanks to Ralph)


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for the love of ... it really must be a slow news day. I think of Santa drinking Coca Cola, not brandy. A pox on that "research" opinion. What is this, rant on Christmas day?

Here's wishing you a sleigh-load of egg-nogged cheerleaders!

Santa gets a triple shot of Brandy at each house, I always wanted to know what the yellow snow on my roof was from.

Hey Monash University public health expert Dr Nathan Grills, you forgot to rag on the pipe-smoking.

But he doesn't inhale . . .

in australia, doesn't santa wear a speedo and s.p.f. 45 on xmas anyway?

*Gives Dr. Grills a stocking full of recycled reindeer poop*

Humorless Nathan Grills is probably tired of weiner jokes.

Yeah. That excuse holds up well in court. *eyeroll*

It's more of joke than anything else. The December issue of the British Medical Journal is kinda an April Fools/The Onion sort of thing. (Other articles include "Effect of listening to Nellie the Elephant during CPR training on performance of chest compressions by lay people: randomised crossover trial" or "Painless amputation: history of a discovery that wasn’t made"

Here;s the journal website for anyone interested :D

So, you're saying it's kinda like The Worm Runner's Digest"...

Which as a UM alum I am well familiar with; also explained here...

Incidentally their motto (in Latin, naturally) roughly translates as "When I have finished explaining this to you, you will understand even less"...

He also promotes promiscuity. Ho, ho, ho!

No, I didn't mean you, judi.

How can Santa promote promiscuity? He only comes once a year . . .

More Claus related studies.

Yes, but he works for the entire year to achieve that one time, bonmot.

Sant's naughty/nice list stolen, posted online! Story here!

The whole alcohol bit is news to me. I've never left brandy out for Nick to drink. Sounds to me like this is the beginning of a conspiracy against Santa.

I'm retired from the Health Department and even we used to make fun of the "health nazis". I'm not even a Christian and I still say to leave Santa Claus alone! Let the kids have some fun. Besides, we all need some bad examples, some to learn from and some to emulate.

And I suppose climbing down people's chimneys in the dead of night is a good role model ?

This Dr. Grills needs to get a life.

I was brought up knowing Santa Claus was pretend, mostly because when I was a little kid, I was pretty freaked out by the idea of that big hairy stranger getting into my house at night.

Still got the stockings and gifts. Just knew that they were from my parents.

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