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December 18, 2009


The McNuggetini

Key Quote: “It tastes just like a White Russian, but with meat.”

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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“It’s fine once you get past the barbecue sauce.”

No, No, no -- NO! It is not a drink if you have to "get past" some element of it.

Suppose this qualifies for the Atkins Diet?

Last week we were at a god-awful Theme-restaurant in Orlando but I had to try the cotton candy martini. They fill the glass with a massive wad of the confection and then strain the drink over it, causing it to dissolve in the fluids.

Opressively sweet, but still better than a white russian and Bar-b-que sauce.

I prefer to get of my wet clothes and into a dry martini.

Where's the bacon?

Gross. Fake chicken meat should not be anywhere NEAR a martini.

Chicken heart, thump, thump

. . . said Pannus, with a nod to Dorothy Parker.

"Release the Kraken!"

“so my hosting a cooking or travel show really isn’t as mythical a notion as, say, unicorns or the Kraken.”

both of which are ingredients in mcnuggets...

WHY? ><

If your mixed drink contains something other than Gin (or if you must, Vodka), Vermouth, and Bitters: it's not a martini. Putting it in a cocktail glass doesn't make it a martini. Philistines.

Does it come with fries?

Asking Mr. Language Person:

What is the preferred American English spelling of judgment/judgement in this context? (serious question.)

Dirty vodka martini, shaken, with lots of olives. I was making those last night. Yummo. No meat involved.

*applauds Will (the other one)*

A very dry martini is when you just place the bottle of Vermouth next to the glass for a second.

Two All Beefeaters
I'll be sauced.
Let us Please
Have our drinks without no
Pluckin' Chicken!

Layzee - according to M*A*S*H, the perfect martini is a glass of gin drunk while staring at a picture of Antonio Carpato, the inventor of vermouth. ;-)

Off topic:
Dave is Getting Nookie...

Clown Puppy, "Judgment" in American English has only one "e".

We took a look. We saw a Nook.

On his head, he had a hook. On his hook he had a book. On his book was 'How to Cook'.

But a Nook can't read, so a Nook can't cook. So what good to a Nook is a hook cook book?

((((dr suess))))

-Nanook from LI...

Dr. Seuss, I am filled with indigestion inspiration by your wonderful poetry!

Whaddaya think they might do with a Buttery Nipple?

A Pousse Cafe?
A Salty Dog?
A Stinger?
A Bull Shot?
A Drunk Monkey?
A Harvey Wallbanger?
A Pink Elephant?

Don't forget to tip your waiters, folks!

(hint: rim the glass with barbecue sauce).


Judging by the video of the two "creators" I'd say:

1. they never drink their "creation" or
2. they drink them and immediately puke it up or
3. there is no #3

Mmmm, greasy vodka with flecks of golden crust.

Hades of Cannery Row.

will (the other one) is a poser (strike-thru thingy) mistaken. there ain't no bitters in no proper martini, and for all y'all that don't want no vermouth in yours, jut admit you're a lush (strike-thru thingy) drinking straight gin. don't call it a martini.

Throw in S and smallify the letter h.

*admits to being a lush drinking straight vodka* (ok..plus some olive juice)

We never knew Siouxie drank until one day she showed up on the blog sober . . .

NTTAWWT. If I didn't have the shakes, I wouldn't get any exercise at all!

mudstuffin, them's fighting words. Orange (not Angostura) bitters are perfectly acceptable in a classic martini. In fact, I think that they are what makes the vermouth and gin sing. Get bent Cheers!

I don't drink and that still sobered me up. "Disgusting" is appropriate but nowhere near strong enough.

Starkle starkle little twink
What the heck you am I think?
I'm not drunk like some silly
Little thinkle peep I am!
Whoo, I fool so feelish,
I just had tee martoonies!

Fond memories of my mother's poetry.

How about a frozen coyote.

For when you need to obliterate your brain AND your tastebuds all at once.

To make a perfectly dry martini you should use vermouth stones. They are slightly porous and you store them in the potable. When you are mixing the drink you add them to the shaker with the ice and ingredients, then strain.

Good work. Thanks!

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