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December 24, 2009


(Thanks to The Amazing Steve)


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"He came to the colonies after being outlawed by the Russian government " -- step carefully, Bernard
Can't stop laughing at the rest....

Neither do I.

The funny thing is, the statue they made of the human General Krupnik is posed in the exact same position. There's gotta be a story behind that. Not to mention the moustache.

Could be worse.

While driving along US 63 through Arkansas a few years ago, I made a brief pit stop in the town of Ravenden, in the northwest corner of the state.

Ravenden's town square is decorated with a ten-foot-high fiberglass crow mounted on a concrete plinth.

I almost regret not having a camera along...

Next there will be a Gen. Anthony McAuliffe Dewars to say, "Nuts."

A military-hero squirrel? Watch your nuts.

Did he get hold of a bad batch of nuts, maybe?

Disturbingly looks like a ballpark mascot taking a dump.

I'm beginning to understand why Mother Earth fears humanity.

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