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December 21, 2009


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and catmanmax)


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.. with apologies to Handel ..

Glory to Gourd! Glory to Gourd in the hightest!

Joseph's onions are covered, but Mary's melons are a bit exposed.

I find it offensive that Baby Jebus has a brussel's sprout for a halo.

Brussel's sprouts = diablo berries.

Lettuce rejoice! A savory is born!

LOL Meanie!

so...the wise men are bringing what?? salad dressing?

wouldn't jerusalem artichokes be appropriate?

on easter 'the passion fruit of the christ'...

PROduced in a manger, no room at the bin.

I have the perfect music for the occasion...

More here:


Hello, Pearly Gates. How may I direct your call?

Mary: The Angel Gabriel, please.

"Cilannnntro niiiiiight, hooooly niiiiight......"

Praise the Lord and pass the ranch dressing.

*gets in handbasket and puts on seatbelt*

away in the manger, no fruit for my head... whooo.

riding in that handbasket with you siouxie.

Now we know Jesus wasn't a fruit.... but is it any better to know he's a vegetable?

BTW, I saw Jesus in my husband's footprint in the snow -- but then it melted (the snow).

I was at the office Christmas party, at the table with some friends and co-workers. Heather, who once lived in California, was explaining that she used to be a Vegan!. At my puzzled look, she asked if I knew what a Vegan was.

“A native of Vegas?” I quipped.

She then told everyone that a vegan is a vegetarian that did not eat any dairy products or anything that was not a direct product of plant life.

“Oh! You were a militant vegetarian.” I said.

“No. I just ate leafy plants.”

“We have a name for those leafy plants you ate, here in North Carolina.” I said.

“What’s that?”


I am a committed gravytarian.

I hate to say it, but He's got cauliflower ears.

bonmot, I pictured you more of a vagitarian.

What about the animals? Get a donkey anywhere near Jesus and he's toast. Wait. Didn't he appear on some toast a while back?

While on the subject, the virgin mary makes an appearance in the most unlikely of places. Now was that an immaculate conception or immaculate prevention?

Well, He is the ROOT of all things good, right?


I don't carrot all for this. Where are the Three Wise Potato Chips?

Ooooh, premade trinity mix vegetables!

*prepares saute pan*

I think talking about Jesus and Mary and Joseph like this is just rutabaga.

Siouxie, that too.

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