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December 16, 2009


Sprouts make turtles flatulent too

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who says he saw the Flatulent Turtles open for James Taylor)


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Turtle fart jokes are really low.

During my childhood, many Sunday dinners were ruined by my mother insisting I eat my brussel sprouts. I didn't eat them then and I don't eat them now. I say let the turtles have them.

Give to The Turtles. Do they eat newspaper?

There's a science fair project here for someone. Ingredients: Turtles, brussel sprouts, WD-40™, and surfaces of various textures. Maybe a ramp and a dartboard.

Right there with ya, nursecindy.

Brussel sprouts = Diablo berries.

Who called us flatulent?

Hammie - and some hair spray.

Christmas, 1964. Our dog, Hurry (because he was a Dash-hound and my mother loved puns) was stretched out on his back, asleep in front of the fire. The whole family was gathered around our 13 inch B & W TV watching a special.
Suddenly, Hurry lets rip with a fart so massive his rear end swings around and he falls off the hearth.
In the new silence, my older sister is the first to speak. "My god," she says, "he could have burned the house down."

For a turtle this would be like a turbo-booster in the water.

hate to admit this. love brussels sprouts. fry em with a little olive earl and gahhhlic, and yum. just have to stay by myself for the rest of the day.
that doxie story is hysterical.

Makes that turtle soup not only hotter but fizzier.

*wonders if it's possible his 13-year old son is actually a turtle in disguise...*

Ok, I know there's a group called The Turtles, but I still think "Flatulent Turtles" WBAGNFARB!

hate to admit this. love brussels sprouts. fry em with a little olive earl and gahhhlic, drizzle with balsamic vinegar, and yum.
My kids actually request these.

Plus the turbo boost propels the turtle into the tank wall and sets off the burglar alarms.

I loves them little skunk cabbages myself.
We were up in the wine country and one of the wineries was having an open house. They had pickled brussel sprouts that were to die for. So delicious ! We bought a bottle of them for home. They are labeled "Atomic Frog Balls".

I KNEW those guys were cheating!

I'll bet if you look carefully, you'll find a government study about this somewhere among the pork barrel projects in the new spending bill.

*snork* @ Meanie the Hare !

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