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December 17, 2009


What could possibly go wrong?

(Thanks to Brian Duval)


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I cannot believe that no one went to check on that kid. Or that no one vetoed a stunt that dumb.
On the other hand, I watched it twice.

Excactly, Siouxie. All I can add is...


He traveled, big time and palmed the ball. Oh wait, is this the NBA?

so why didn't the ref hand the mascot its beer back?

If that is a squirrel then it had it coming. If it wasn't then poor, poor mascot.

Once someone puts on a mascot suit, they're like a cartoon character, right? Bang 'em around, cut 'em in half and they heal right away, right? Gotta try that at the next U of Wisc game. Yo Bucky! Got a new trick for you to try!

Watch a cougar turn into a jackass!

At a Brewers-Cubs game, Bucky made an appearance and was heartily booed. It's tough to be mascot. I appreciate the fact that the idjit maintained character and didn't take off his head.

bon, I see that in my local pub at least once a week.

NMUA, I'm guessing that game was at Wrigley... or maybe hoping.

There is a fair amount of UW and Madison backlash in Our Fair Sister City of Milwaukee. Maybe Madison also feels a teensy bit hostile towards the great state-tax-dollar-sucking cultural void that is Milwaukee, or it could just be me.

But hey, BUCKY ought to catch a pass anyway.

That cat was on, er, off the ball. I wonder if he tried it without the suit. Nothing like acrobatics wearing a big fur suit, clown feet and an oversized head with limited visibility.

If OSHA sees that, that'll be the end of basketball.

That coccux.

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