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December 01, 2009


Give Gene Weingarten's car. The money goes to charity.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)

Update from Punkin:

Dave & Judi - Since I am interested in purchasing Gene's car, I felt the need to ask him the question "Is there now, or has there ever been, a dead body in the back?"

See his reply below - I believe he may have been referring to Dave:
No dead bodies.  DRUNK bodies, yes.


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The car matches your shirt.

What a chick magnet!

Gene's selling his car? Does this mean he's bought a new crappy car?

Man. Ever since the buyout he's lost his common touch. Next thing you know he'll be taking a job with Citibank.

Dave, have you ever been in this car? It might compromise raise the value.

I have been in Gene's car many times. This is why I had the shots.

Is there any leftover ointment in the glovebox?

Does it even HAVE a glovebox?

Worst. Clash for clunkers. Ever.

One less heirloom for Dan and Molly to fight over.

no accidents or damage (check)

I take it that Gene found this while cleaning up his office?

Someone posted the Carfax for Gene's car on facebook. What else would you add to it?

Does the radio and a/c work? Do they work at the same time while the car is running? It does run,right?

Ask him if the car can be switched from manual to automatic transmission if purchased.

Check the bumpers carefully.

EBay says "this vehicle is eligible for up to $50000 in vehicle purchase protection"

From who? AIG?

What about the 8-track tape player???

"The AM-FM radio works okay, but it'll play only cassettes and sometimes ruins them."

That answered my question.

No dead bodies, but Gene has been driving around with bags of his dead father's clothing for several years. Also, he once transported a Zucchini, and not just any Zucchini, but a Great Zucchini.

I can't even imagine what sort of crappy car Gene will replace this with. This car is legendary!

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