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December 21, 2009


A Chinese robber threatened to blow up a restaurant with sausages, disguised as explosives, strapped to his body.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Some of the sausages I've eaten were pretty lethal. Kielbasi especially.

At least his sausage wasn't glued down.

Hot dog!

He's lucky those Israeli border guards weren't around.

They're killer when they plump.

He told police he had been "inspired" by the shape of the sausages.

They forgot to add NTTAWWT.

Vienna sausage-explosives would be easier to conceal...

Had plans for a major chinese take-out

At least He didn't get away.

Kung POW! chicken anyone?

Idiot. You have to eat them first, washed down with a lot of beer. Then they become explosives.

Hu got the wieners?
No He got them.
He's on first.

Mmmm, that's some tasty dynamite.

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