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December 22, 2009


(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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The tip off was when he recited the Gospels at the speed of the FedEx commercial spokesman.

Oh, Mr. Bean, how far you have fallen.

What a Gidiot.

*wonders if Mr. Bean was caught with a turkeysaraus on his head*

Will he have to swear on a bag of c0ke?

Usually Irishmen are better at blarney than this. I know because I have a family full of them and you wouldn't believe some of the tales they come up with. AND they can make you believe them. I have a cousin that is in his late 40's who is still afraid to go in one room of my grandpa's house because one of my Irish uncles told him 35 years ago that it was haunted.

*Snork* @ Meanie.

Catch the new movie, "Mr. Bean Goes to Jail"

Did you hear the one about the three Irishmen, the bibles and a truckload of c0ke ...?

He's just high on his religion.

"I'd like to teach the World to sing . . .

"What? The OTHER coke?"


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