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December 18, 2009


First may I say all the good wishes from the blog for my surgery yesterday really meant so much to me. What a wonderful group of people. I am not able to walk yet but when I am I will be booking a ticket to London to kick the ad guy's buttocks that dreamed this commercial up. I will get a note from my doctor first.


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Feel better, cindy, and I'll join you.

Anyone who attacks redheads is an idiot.

Turning on the lights is an option!?

GADS! I've been doing it wrong all this time?

If you go over and kick his butt . The only thing you will do is prove another stereotype.

Glad you're through that, and keep taking those neat meds.

As everyone knows, redheads get bonus points with me. Any attempt to dis them can leave more available for those of us who appreciate them. *G*

If the doctor prescribes kicking butt as physical therapy, you can deduct the trip as a medical expense. Take it easy and let us know when you're dancing again.

Note to self: Redheads are now called gingers. This change will absolutely ruin Richard Thompson's "1952 Vincent Black Lightning" song lyrics.

cindy, buy me a plane tickets and I'll go kick it for ya.

This whole "ginger" thing is way too frickin' British for me. On the other hand, ever see "Hot Fuzz"? "Drop the gun or the ginger gets it!" Funny movie, plus Timothy Dalton gets semi-mutilated in it, which will brighten up anyone's day.

I'm with Allen on this. Many, many bonus points. Cuban chicas, too. Especially ones with machetes.

nursecindy, get better! Feel free to blog while under your pain meds. We find them entertaining.

We're with you in blog and spirit, nursecindy! Hope your recovery is swift, sure, and not very memorable, thanks to the percs.

YAY, cindy!!! I'll be doing some asskicking and macheteing along with you. I have been a redhead a few times.

I love redheads.

nc, you'll be able to swing a baseball bat much faster than kick, but yeah it's a ways off. As a fellow redhead, I can do both, so I'll get a ticket today!

WHen you hear "Ginger" think the Weasley family.

Nothing wrong with the way redheads look. Just don't get them mad. They're all crazy. Trust me.

I have always had an affinity for red heads -- Andy being an exception.

Rest well Cindy, make sure you have plenty of batteries around you . . . for the remote!


If redheads are so off-putting, why do they populate commercials at 10X their actual occurrence in the US? Do advertisers think we will buy more crap if we see ugly people in commercials?

Note: Redheads get a +5 adder in my book automatically.

Even though she is one day post op, she is sending in an item for us to blog. And she beat Jeff to it.
You are a credit to gingers everywhere, nc.

Happy recuperation and speedy recovery to you.

If anyone needs me...I'll be at my hairdresser's becoming a redhead...again.

is this a new thing? i'm just an old geezer, but did someone decide that the old forms of prejudice and discrimination were just too played out...and we needed a new one?

get better cindy!

It is the policy of Saginaw Valley State University that no unlawful discrimination will be practiced or tolerated in the provision of employment, education, organizations, athletics, housing, public accommodations and other services to the public. Equal opportunity will be provided regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital or familial status, color, height, weight, handicap or disability.

Hair color is suspiciously missing. Then again, hair color is something that can be changed. Many people have dyed and lived to tell about it.

Obama is not the first minority president--Jefferson had red hair.

This is the first time I have ever heard of the possibility that some men might think red heads are unattractive. There are several redheaded girls and women in my church and I enjoy seeing them every Sunday. Even though I am happily married and have no improper intentions, it is just a pleasure to look at them.

Y'all can have your Harry Potter, girls. I'll take those gingery Weasley twins any day.

Glad to see you back, nursecindy! In honor of your swift recovery, I'm going to join Siouxie at the hairdressers, becoming a redhead again. Or ginger.

South Park must be banned, too.

I wrote that outloud? Again, thanks everyone. I felt better yesterday than today. In fact my daughter confiscated my car keys yesterday because I just knew I could go Christmas shopping. I probably would have bought everyone a Snuggie or a Slap Chop. Thank goodness for pain meds and laptop computers.

I used to work with a very old (like, 90) urologist who used to say, "Always hook up with a redhead. They can go all night."

Happy pill popping, cindy. And welcome back.

I hope you feel 100% soon, nursecindy.

I hate when ginger ails.

cindy, not enough drugs. You can still spell Percosets. I like ginger beef with fried rice.

I love redheads; I don't care what colour their hair is.

Maybe you can help solve the British dental health issues.

So, the Brits prefer Mary Ann?

(Keep it mellow, nursec. We'll uphold the honor of redheads.)

Hi NurseCindy,

Hope you feel better soon! My thoughts and prayers are with you. Operations are tough.

So is it a coincidence that Ginger Grant was a redhead?

As a fellow redhead, and a natural one at that, I've got your back, cindy. Count me in.

*and a bonk on the head to Clown Puppy*

Glad you are on the fast track to recovery, cindy ! Our prayers were answered !
I was born a strawberry blonde - I'm with you on that plane !

Keep kicking, Little Iodine nursecindy! Hope you have a splendid recovery.

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