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December 22, 2009


Let's talk about the issues.


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YAY Miami! Pythons out the wazoo! Can't get better than that, folks!

*goes to the blog bar & patiently waits for one of mud's famous snake out the butt poems*

That video was great but would have been really interesting if Dave had one of the 15 foot pythons around his shoulders. Of course he may have fainted then. I wonder how pythons have sex? Anybody ever seen it?
*grabs margarita and sits to wait with Siouxie*

1) And now for something completely different....
2) It's much harder to get a python IN the wazoo.
3) Send them to Washington.
4) Tastes like chicken.

Better to have them out the wazoo . . .

I don't want them anywhere near my wazoo. Where's the pitcher, girls?

I think Don King should broker a deathmatch between Miami's pythons and New York's sewer rats. The winners would get to eat the city's inhabitants.

*Clenches wazoo*

Meanie?? there's an asp for that ;-P

I also liked the video Dave did on the new stadium in Miami. We did the same in Charlotte and then the Hornets went to New Orleans! Now we have the Bob Cats and they're doing okay. At least now when you call and ask when they're going to play they don't ask you what time you can be there.

Y'all get too many o'them worms down there, just ship them up here to the tundra for a week and we'll ship 'em back as snakecicles. We'll even deep fry 'em and put 'em on sticks for ya if ya want.

284 miles is the straight-line distance from Denver to Santa Fe. I have visions of pythons on Raton.

Python and yet more Python.

Yawn. There's more snakes in Washington.

Gator vs. Python is the new King Kong vs. Godzilla.

OT to Siouxie - saw a place named "Mojito" near my work and thought of you.

Snakes In The Glades wbagnfa Samuel L. Jackson sequel to Snakes On A Plane.

They could send the pythons to Alaska to eat the dreaded Christmas tree frogs, plus any loose Palins.

i am concerned about how they get IN the wazoo. then again, i'm not sure i have a wazoo. is that different from a &^&#, or a )^@#6

Speaking of sewer rats in New York, weren't they all eaten by their sewer alligators?

Florida Pythons vs New York Gators: it's a tie!

Get on a plane. See our snakes.

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