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December 18, 2009


We're guessing he's single.


(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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I'd be hard pressed to figure out who's got the worst breath!

Man turns table on horror film industry.

Snake's been defanged.

So what's the big deal with this? My wife can put an entire anaconda in her mouth.


I can't hear you.

Snake got your tongue?

Oh my. Deep Throat II?

*snork* @ WAVE @ Hammie!!!!


^ Hi BFF!!

Hi Ho, BFF!!!

There are not enough Percocets for me to attempt this.

One of 'em's speaking with forked tongue.

Man to snake: "I can't get shed 'o you."

Snake, rattle & roll?

Pays bad. He only makes scale.

How did pictures of my in-laws twentieth wedding anniversary get onto the Interwebs?

That snake has to think he is about to be eaten. Poor baby.

Khunsan! Why does it always have to be Khunsan?

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