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December 21, 2009


Israeli border police shoot a laptop.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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I really wish I could do the same with the home PC sometimes, but it isn't in season.

I never ran Vista butt..I love love love Win 7.

That said, ME was one I'd have shot if I had had a gun back then.

That'll teach it.


I wonder what the return policy is like at the store where she bought it.

Nice grouping.

Yes! I'm f*in' sure I want to f*in' shut down!

The new HP I bought last year came with Vista. Vista is a total fail.

I want to shoot mine at least once a week.

That's a MacBook not a Windoze laptop.

ISIANMTU: Seconds after my 12:10 comment, my PC spontaneously rebooted. Without asking.

MTB: It's the Ghost of Operating Systems Past

JM stole my comment.

*SMACKS* Jeff for stealing bonmot's comment.

Agree that Vista was extremely shootable. Now, I "work" (retired; read "play") on a Mac.
I didn't see what, exactly, prompted the executive action against an innocent laptop. Clues?

If it was a Vista, that makes sense.

you can have this laptop when you pry if out of my....

by 'if' I mean 'it'

That's some extreme prejudice. Bill Gates better not travel to Israel.

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