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December 21, 2009


The Action State

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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FIRST to say this is unbelievable.

He's GOT to be single. OH ..cindy????????

Check the glue.

What a hobby. Lots of time on his hands. It looks great though.


Incomprehensible, but awesome.

Siouxie, that's what I wrote to Dave - 15 years, gotta be single.

But it is amazing.

The following is a list of things you can do in Indiana:

1. Play basketball

2. Grow corn

4. Go cow-tipping

This is why he had so much available time.

Here endeth the lesson

Just imagine the glue fumes he's sucked up over the last 15 years.

Wow. And what a perfect surname for this industrious feller.


You forgot:

e. Not build cars

As for all of you who are saying he must be single, Ripley's quotes him as saying, "My wife gets her garage back," which means he must be married...Unless, of course, he means he will once again be using the garage to store his wife, which, given his insane dedication, may not be so unlikely.

"Now that my stagecoach is finished, I can return my full attention to my beloved wife Margaret, who, incidentally, is constructed of 87,412,000 lightly-sanded round wooden toothpicks."

But what's holding up the coach?

And did we already forget that Indiana is the ball-tapping state?

80,000 British pounds from Ripley's????? That's like 1 million US dollars!!! Break out the toothpicks! I'm building something!!

scintillating..zzzzzzzzzzzz. but that's awesome actually. maybe his wife left him because he was spending too much time with toothpicks. huh. wgnfarb.


We tried.

When was Indiana relocated to Great Britain? Or did I miss something?

( Finally dawns on the local Denny's manager where all his register desk toothpicks have been going. )

Some men will go to unbelievable lengths to avoid the wife..........!

Where's the whiffletree?

Now I s'pose he'll make a six-horse harness from dental floss ...

Why ?

Oh, the humanity. All the orphan canapes without toothpicks.

Does anyone else wonder how the heck he's going to get that thing OUT of the garage?

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