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December 21, 2009


How about a calendar featuring scantily clad women posing with coffins?

(Thanks to Bernie Black)

And there are still a few of these left at an amazingly low price.


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NOT gonna fall for that one again, Dave Barry!

I amaze myself with my own stupidity.
(If only I had seen Siouxie's comment!)

I would be nice if they told us how to get a copy of those calendars for ourselves.

Shouldn't there be a 'Not safe for viewing' sticker on that second link?

'And there are still a few of these left at an amazingly low price'...
but the other calendars are a bit stiff.

I'm with Siouxie; fool me 12 times, shame on... whatever.

If that coffin calendar gets popular, the next medical news item will be an unexplained epidemic of tennis elbow in young male Goths.

Some of those pictures look like vamping is in for 2010.

Still a lot better than a scantily clad Barry Manilow...

The chick is to die for . . .

I like December a lot - instead of a headstone she'd make a nice butt-stone.

Is it too late to say that someone is looking for a good stiff?

Damn! Got me again!

*Runs off in search of eye bleach*

HaHa. Didn't get me Barry. Not again.

That's some nice box.

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