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December 31, 2009


Everybody stay safe tonight. Especially if you live in Miami, where it's traditional to ring in the new year by shooting firearms into the air. While riding on a chairlift today, I got to talking about Miami with two snowboard dudes, and I told them about this tradition, and they were like, "Whoa, dude. Shooting?" And I was like, "Yes, shooting." And they were like, "Whoa."

Anyway, in addition to staying safe, have fun, and then have a happy 2010. And if you're skiing, keep an eye out for wild animals, which leave certain telltale signs.



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the shooting of firearms is popular with certain latino groups here in central fl also.
happy ditch 2009 and move on, everyone!!

If that's Pluto, then book me on the next space shuttle. Really beautiful out there, Dave!

Whoa, Dave. Told you to watch out for those pesky trees!

I'm ducking for cover staying indoors. The only shots 'round here will be those made out of vodka.

Cheers everyone and please stay safe!

It's not the individual shots I mind so much, here in Houston, it's the emptying of full magazines of fully-automatic guns that can be scary. Some the gangs have .50 caliber machine guns!

*loads shotgun, waits for midnight*


Hope you're not standing in Sasquatch doo-doo, Dave.

Hey! I just heard my first shot! They're starting early this year.

Sasquatch looks suspiciously like Dave in a parka.

I didn't know the 'squash could read, Dude.

Hey Dave, Wish I was there.

There's a new moon tonight, so the zanies will have something to shoot at.

Where I grew up we shot off dynamite, not only on New Years but Christmas as well. You only had to be 18 to buy it at the store, you signed for it like you do ammo now. If you couldn't afford that, you could shoot off shotgun shells on the top of Daisey BB guns, held vertically--makes a big bang and a nice shower of lead shot. We did this mostly after Cherry Bombs and M-80s were made illegal.

I haven't blogged in forever and ever, but I still blurk once in a blue moon, which it is! Happy New Year, everyone!

Does a Sasquatch lift its leg to mark a tree or do they use the regular, stand-and-fire procedure which Dave is demonstrating for us?

It's not a new moon, Clank, it's a Blue Moon! Not since 1990 and not again until 2026.

I'm off to Siouxie's! Y'all be good, now.

Happy New Year, Dave, and everyone! May you have a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2010!

Nice to see that Dave is going to areas with more gravity. Be careful Dave. Gravity is not always our friend. It is so foggy here that you cannot see your hand in front of your face so staying home this year. We have shooters here on New Years that will come to your house and shoot off their muskets. This is their homepage. They are a lot of fun to watch but very, very load with the muskets.

Watch out for the really big scat embedded with human bones.

btw, we pronounce Cherryville, 'Churvil'. I don't know why. I do it myself except when I've called 411 in the past.

Out here in the West the politically correct word for those volatile noisemakers is "fireworks."

Happy New Year, everyone. 2010 promises to be lookin' up!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody.
Thanks for the link, Annie.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you Annie for the link. My,my,my those are nice kilts. Suddenly I don't feel so bad that I can't go out because I'm still healing from the back surgery. Would be kind of nice for one of the kilted guys to come by and have a glass of New Years cheer.

Heal quick nursecindy.

Here in Ohio many a person shoots their shotgun at midnight.

And yes I think that's what the kids are calling it these days.

Happy 2010!

nursecindy - I'm sure they'd love to visit, butt with your back being indisposed and all....better to wait a little. Feel better soon!

Hey Annie, thanks for the link! Suddenly my New Year's Eve isn't as lonely... Happy New Year everyone!

We are fairly certain that the creature we bought some months ago thinking it to be a Schnauzer dog is, in fact, a very small Sasquatch. The porcupine carcasses cached around the back yard raised our suspicions.

p.s. cindy, mrs. p is down with tha H1N1 plus some fun secondary infections, so don't feel like you're the only megababe spending New Year's Eve on your back. I mean, involuntarily.

Happy New Year, everybody!

Happy New Year to all my blog friends especially Dave, judi and all their families.

HAPPY NEW YEAR East Coast!!!!!

We put on the Bruce concert and everybody left. Oh well, more fire/kitties/drinks/ for us!

nc, my surgery was Dec 5, exactly 10 years ago. I remember making it to the neighbor's new years dinner, one block away, walkin with my cane. I hope you use one, it really helps. Have an extra shot on us! Yum, alcohol and drugs!!!

More minutes for Standard Time, see ya next year everyone!!!!

Thanks everyone. Tash, I am using a cane at times but still in a wheelchair at others. It's a very stylish cane with pink flowers that my daughter bought me. It really does help and it's amazing how people will move out of your way when you have it. Annie, a couple of Percodan and it would be 'What back surgery?' padraig, take good care of Mrs. P. and make sure she takes her medicine. This is the time for you to wait on her hand and foot. I'm sure you're doing that anyway right?

Happy New Decade, all!

Shoot corks, not bullets.

H.N.Y. y'all!

Just got back from Siouxie's, where we had much fun, food and karaoke. Good god, there are pictures!!

Woohoo!! Happy New Year!!! Drunken Kareoke NY Bash was, I think, a success!! Suz...blackmail pics ;-P Thanks for coming!!

I wanna see the pictures. How about everybody else?

Better post pictures before nursecindy smacks somebody with her Percodan pink pain cane.

Annie! I would never smack Siouxie! She *SMACKS* back.


Why shoot into the air? Why not just shoot each other? America: Mom, Baseball, Apple Pie and the NRA. Pathetic. Stay safe folks...

Last night the neighbors shot off their leftover 4th mortars. Some big stuff. Short, but nice display at midnight. All totally, criminally illegal. Wish I had a musket.

Good morning. A new year, a brand-spanking new Dave-a-Day calendar on my desk, and coffee.

Bet it all goes downhill from here.

Happy New Year, all.

First I thought Dave hit a tree. Then I thought he was re-enacting the CHRISTMAS STORY scene.

Then I looked up.

No shooting in the "safest big city in the world" but lots of happy drunken crazy people standing out in Times Square upwards of 12 hours plus in the cold (not as bad as last year) and rain (which made it miserable).

And they all loved it, which proves they are not native New Yorkers!

Have a good one.

i wasn't able to stay awake late last night but i see annie has made sure that i'd get to see the ball drop. thanks!!

Good morning 2010!! I say...bring it ON!!!

I'm reading volumes 1-3 of the Starcatcher's series. I'm guessing that all the trips to tropical islands were tax deductions for the research.

And volume 4 is making a lot more sense now that I'm reading the earlier volumes. I'm guessing that the rocket does not end the existence of the planet.

Since Siouxie asked for it....

*snork* @ crossgirl! It's a beautiful, sunny, boogerific Rose Parade morning here in SoCal.

HYN, y'all ...

Cherry Bombs and M-80s are illegal?

Uh-oh ... hu gnu?

They're not illegal in South Carolina O the U. At least last time I went there and shot some off they weren't. I have a friend that lives right on the state line. Her front yard is in N.C. and her backyard is in S.C. Fireworks are illegal in N.C. so we always shoot them off in her backyard where it's legal. Happy, Happy 2010 everyone! Annie, I love watching the Rose Parade. Ever gone to it? I'll bet it smells wonderful with all those flowers. The bad part about New Years Day is all those stinking football games that are on.

I would also like to put in a plug for the other New Years Day staple at my house, the New Years concert of Strauss et al with the Vienna Philharmonic, even though I'm going to miss Uncle Walter. (The insufferably chirpy Julie Andrews is no substitute for Cronkite!) Check your paper; here it's at 9 PM...)

Thanks for the suggestion, Steve H. Here is the link. 8PM ET.

>>Since Siouxie asked for it....( Meanie ) <<

Thanks. After that, I'm ready for anything.

And of course you should feel free to clap and stomp along in the Radetzky March -- everyone else does...

I think my neighbors go to Phantom Fireworks in either WVA or PA right near the state lines. Weird situation. Fireworks are illegal in those states, but you can buy them if you have an out of state license then carry them to another state where they are also illegal and use them illegally.

And then in Montana, it is legal to buy them (great fireworks) for one week leading to the 4th of July and a few days leading to New Year day (varies by the week calendar each year. But, if you buy enough, it is legal to shoot them off any time of year (except extreme fire season).

I don't think there is too much problem with shooting firearms as there are some great boomers available at the fireworks stands.Besides, we all shoot in the back yard, anyway.

I thought any firework was legal as long as you drove across a state line to buy them. Also, you have to be going south when you cross the border. Fortunately you Floridians are exempt.

Tnx for the clarification, 'cindy ...

I wuz sorta kiddin' around when I said that ... I know the Nodak regs, which are even more restrictive than Montana ... Nodaks can sell 'em/buy 'em from about June 26 thru about July 7 ... that's it ... and each town has its own ordinances (not, oddly enuf, ordnance -- tho many do have ordinances as to using ordnance inside the city/town limits) regarding the "shooting off" of fireworks ... before, during and after Independence Day ...

Onliest thing there seems to be more variance about is laws/rules/regulations/ordinances regarding purchase or consumption of booze in each/every county/city/state ... merely mentionin' that mishmash ...

It's kind of odd, O the U, but during fireworks holidays everybody goes across the state line to S.C. to buy them. N.C. puts out PSA's that it is illegal to bring them across state lines and in fact if you happen to be bringing them across the state line on Hwys 226, 180, or 150 between 1pm and 10pm, you will get caught. So we take the other roads. I've blown up one M80 in my life and that was enough. It scared me to death. Too loud. I'm more into sparklers which are legal.

OTOH, 'cindy ... if one wants to merely "make noise" (upon some occasion to celebrate sumthin'), sum of us used to make a "cannon" out of empty pop cans - well, beer cans, actually - that'd make one Hellacious noise ... all with separate ingredients or parts that wuz quite legal ...

I'd offer a description of the "plans" for such frippery, if this wuzn't a place where small children and certain "security-minded" gender-type folks are known to frequent ...

(Kinda amusin' to set one off, alongside a well-traveled highway thru town, and then chuckle as the town cops go roarin' past, lookin' for the site of the "explosion" ... no debris, no smoke ... only a ringing in the ears and the smugly adolescent satisfaction of puttin' one over on authority and not gettin' hauled off to jail ... yet ... )

Happy 1-2-10!!!

Didja notice that 2010 did not make as perfect a set of silly eyeglasses as 2009 did?

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