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December 16, 2009


(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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we'll be seeing those on 95 any day now

This could be the start of a modern day comic book.

Hmm. Might be able to sell those in Wisconsin if we point them backwards, to act as jet assists to get us out of snowbanks. Have to make 'em bigger too.

Imagine the impact (har) on Florida traffic.

padraig - what's the big hurry to get out of a snowdrift? I mean, you're in Wisconsin...what else is there to do? Head south?

Comes with satellite radio.

Dave should get a royalty. He invited the idea of a motor vehicle mounted rocket launcher, although originally for nuclear weapons. Still, all him....

Not sure how to say this, but...I've seen bigger rockets.

This is not a bored guy mounting a bottle rocket on his bike. This is a top secret government mission to ride Street Hawk, an all-terrain attack motorcycle designed to fight urban crime.

Next up, we'll have a crime-fighting helicopter, and

"This video has been removed by the (user's insurance company)"

( Drool ) That is all.

If he operates it with his foot it would be a Missile Toe Launcher

*Snork* @ trustf8.

Dad really wants one!

And Annie--you said size didn't matter... *blink* *blink*

Annie, Annie, Annie. The LAST direction Wisconsinites want to go is south. Illinois is down there somewhere. *shudder*

padraig: Like this?

bot-blocked, Ralph. Apparently a rocket-bike falls under the category of " erotic / sex ".

Maybe if your name is "M" and you work for James Bond . . .

Hello Washington beltway!

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