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December 16, 2009


Not at all!

(Thanks to many people)


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Will Report for Food

Once I had a paper
Made press runs
Made all of its deadlines
Once I had a paper
Now it's broke
Shafted by a paradigm...

[repeat chorus]

Will report in your favor for food and money. iykwim.

I thought newspapers were going to have employees sell plasma to support their dead tree editions.

See a penny, pick it up, give to the Herald... umm.. read whatever's up.

The perfect newspaper would have Gene Weingarten as the editor, Carl Hiaasen doing the local news, Amy Tan as the advice columnist, Ridley Pearson covering the police beat,Dave Barry covering the political news, and Stephen King covering the odd news of the day. Judi would be the associate editor, Siouxie would cover the entertainment section, I could do the medical news, and the rest of the bloggers could write the editorials.

I notice the "begging for donations" page had a link to its "Supermodels" story below. Coincidence?...

Sounds good to me!

...the newspaper nursecindy created, that is.

Allen at Division could be in charge of the adult section. *SMACKS* Allen.

Unless Claire Martin wants it, I call dibs on the obits.

I don't see a donation button here. I guess this isn't "ongoing news coverage on Miamiherald.com."

Is this why my bank account goes down .10 every time I post on here?

I tell my wife I lost the money playing online poker so she won't lose respect for me.

Never argue with people who buy ink by the barrel.

I think if Dave still had his regular column there are a lot of people here who would donate.

If we had left over change from the bar, of course.

Pledge drives and tote bags cannot be far away.

We donate our time...that should count for something.

No?? Well..ok.

I like that, cindy!! (good luck mañana!!!)

Thank you Siouxie.

I love my computer because it gives me access to the whole world. But I subscribe to two newspapers because they give me the flavor.
Newspapers are like sitting back on the night beach and looking at the stars. The computer shows you that sky only one small piece at a time.

Got a whole prayer chain working overtime for nursecindy tomorrow. All the best, hon.

Thanks everybody. Ya'll are great!

The Sun knows what to do with page 3; why doesn't the Herald ? : ^ )

Gone-zo journalism?

My mind's still reeling from that perfect newspaper list--YES!! (Mr. King should cover the obituary section, too).

Steve (above...not Mr. K, whom I've never met and who, for all I know, likes to be called Murgatroyd) says it much better than I ever could. Newspapers will never go under--there is absolutely nothing else to replace them for local news, neighborhood information, etc. That's the one thing unrestricted online content can't replace, and I'll bet subscriptions would go up if they included online access in them and then charged non-subscribers (many papers already do this, of course--wonder if it works).

People love free stuff and will turn away if you offer something they can get elsewhere, but they'll pay to get something that only you can give them.

The /Herald/ has a unique advantage over many other papers because they have strong coverage of Latin America. Besides Dave's blog, I turn to them for news in English whenever something's going on down there (I speak a little Spanish and do read the online local papers, too, but the /Herald/ gives good in-depth coverage in my native language--haven't found that anywhere else). I'd pay something for access to each of those.

Major grinchola, laying off people before the holidays. *Them* I'd donate to.

No, I didn't start out my commenting here with the suggestion that everybody pay for viewing this wonderful blog.

Yes. I did. Aargh.

Alcohol was not involved. Don't bother, folks--I'll throw myself to the squirrels. Sorry!!!

You all know you can get free porn on the web, right? If people don't have to pay for porn, what makes you think they are going to pay for news? Think of the priorities, there's only so much time and bandwidth available.

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