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December 19, 2009


Frogs in the trees.

"Officials urge residents to kill them."

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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Do amphibious hitchhikers have green thumbs? Just wondering.


*ribbit*...*rib BANG!! *flop*

Officials would rather they croak than sing.

Frogs have historically proven to be pretty adept at hangin' on but in recent years their efforts appear somewhat less than promising.

This won't help.

>>"I know they are awful cute but pets or small children are known to put things in their mouths," she said.<<

( Gags, cancels plans for Christmas Eve feasting. )

Out-of-state frogs make it to Alaska; officials urge residents to kill them

May, Palin really pulled the drawbridge up after her, didn't she?


"I fondly remember my childhood in Alaska. The whole family'd gather round the Christmas tree every year, singin' carols, stringin' lights, drinkin' nog, exchangin' gifts. The highlight of our family Christmas gatherin' was the traditional Squashin' o' the Frogs," which the youngest member of the family would be doin'. I could hardly sleep the night before." -- Sarah Palin, A Very Palin Christmas, Chapter 7, "Going Rogue."

"Going Frogue"?

hah! good one, Lairbo!

*ribbit* @ Lairbo!

We are not amused.

"Put it in a jar and put it out on the front porch and that way you won't have to put it in with your Christmas cookies," he said.

Do they put cookies on trees in Alaska?

*Hums an operatic tune*

*Trying again*

*Hums an operatic tune*

Why are they importing trees to Alaska? Don't they have enough?

Alaska doesn't need another alien invasion. Look at all the trouble they had when they imported Texans.

I think the Orajel people are behind this.

oh christmas tree
oh christmas tree
amphibians invest you
oh christmas tree
oh christmas tree
have little kermits blessed you?
use orajel or freezing cold
keep the last frontier from their
slimy hold
oh christmas tree
oh christmas tree
you betcha' we'll de-frog you!

Belated but huge snork to Horace LaBadie and, as always, snork @ insom.

Why not just let them go outside.

exactly BA. what's the jar for?

you laugh, but cj and ijust had this conversation. he had to very carefully check the tree over to ensure no minions of satan frogs were trying to infiltrate the inner sanctum of the living room.

Alaska could declare frog baseball to be their official state sport. Just a suggestion.

A jigger of rum, couple raw eggs,a dash of nutmeg, some cream - a blender - et, viola! Frog-nog!

Frogs when properly frozen can be substituted for a hockey puck. -- The Frugal Frog Calendar.

Alien Frog in a Tree WBAGNFARB.

a deep-fried frog, some vermouth... a mcfroggetini!

Quick, get Sarah Palin's helicopter and her scoped rifle, she'll take care of those dang frogs!

Wish you a Merry Christmas and May this festival bring abundant joy and happiness in your life! Great Religion Magazine collection I like to share with all Christian brothers and sisters.

People of Anchorage, Alaska found Pacific Chorus frogs in their Christmas trees.

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