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December 16, 2009


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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He's working on a law enforcement-themed throne so the police have something to go on.

(OT - At the Yardhouse tonight - I learned that Nutter Butters go well with beer.)

High class throne artwork, hmmm! interesing.

Great art.

His medium may be distasteful or vulgar to some, but, as a guy, I won't put it down.

"Having a seat with the captain" is not nearly as impressive however.

Leave it up to Meanie to put it that way.

Just keep it up, Meanie.

Urine trouble now (somebody had to say it).

OT - just started a new job - people knew me before I got there. How? This blog. Just a bit....odd...in a warm fuzzy way.

Haven't we seen this one before? Not that it's unusual to have to go again.

Tash - this is a lo-flo blog. Sometimes you have to flush it twice.

Give the man credit - fame seems not to have gone to his head.

He didn't look flushed, anyway.

A real work of fart.

If the museum gets real popular, he could start charging admission, reviving the concept of the "pay toilet."

The Gals have to wait in a long line, before entering.

Tash, good memory. When I sent it I mentioned that it might have been blogged before, but I figured the new "top rating" was worth mentioning.

Your worldwide reputation has preceded you, Annie! Good work.

You guys sprinkle the blog with ur wit, but the gals are the ones who get the job done.

Woo-Hoo the blog travelogue puts another attraction on top. First the sewerage lift station, now the toilet seat museum, next the stall door graffiti gallery. ...only farted...for a good time...is gay...

Seasonal Toilet Humor = Yule (B)Log

Grats, Annie!

If you're going to visit, make sure you have the necessary a-commode-dations.

It's okay until the guy finds out that "owning" a piece of the shuttle is seriously illegal and the Feds should be on their way to his house.....

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