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December 18, 2009


Melt Bar & Grilled in the Cleveland suburb of Lakewood specializes in spins on the grilled cheese and says anyone with a tattoo of the classic sandwich will get 25 percent off.

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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So...if I understand that sentence correctly (and I think that I do), if you have a tattoo of a grilled cheese sandwich they'll give you 3/4 of a new one?


*smacks the Betty Crocker recipe people for the annoying pop up*

Something about having a tattoo of a grill cheese sandwich doesn't quite go with "Mom".

How much off for a tatoo of tomato soup?

sounds like they gots 25% off their brains...

Welcome back, nursecindy!

Hooray nc! Tell us how you are doing. I hope you won't get too high on drugs and get a sandwich tatoo.


*Now regrets getting tattoo of pot roast*

Too much fun stuff to read this morning. It's my mmf2rrx7 th anniversary and we are spening the weekend downtown. I got a beautiful camera from my sweetie this morning! I have the day off and doin a little glazing, then hafta go. Have a great blog, and glog everyone!

What do I get for the Virgin Mary grilled cheese tat?

Siouxz, for that tattoo you get a private audience with the archbishop. Every Tuesday.

I live right by Melt, and I'll tell you something important: their sandwiches are SO good that it is almost worth disfiguring your body with the image of a sandwich!

Sad thing is some idiot actually fell for it. I bet that guy who had "STOOPID" tatooed on his forehead is sorry he wasted all that valuable advertising space too soon.

"Yes, I'd like a discount please."


"Sir, we'll give you half-off for life if you DON"T show us that ever again."

It goes with "mom," kibby. She's the one who made 'em for me as a kid after all.

Yesterday this didn't sound like such a bad idea. I like grilled cheese sandwiches. I was feeling pretty good late yesterday afternoon. My daughter took my car keys. Next time I'm going to tell her to also take the remote controls as I'm almost positive I bought some stuff from the home shopping networks.

Were batteries included, cindy??

(HHHHHHHuggssssssss) good too 'see' ya!!!

Yay, cindy!!! I'm so glad that all went well. :D :D :D

Nursecindy -- can I see your scar?

Does a Reuben count? It's got melted swiss cheese. Does it have to be white bread?

*SMACKS* bonmot for cindy.

This is my favorite restaurant, I grew up in Lakewood. And it may seem stupid to someone who doesn't have any tattoos, but most of the 40-some people who have gotten a MELT tattoo already have a bunch anyway. So to add a tiny grilled cheese sandwich to thier sleeve or half-sleeve is no big deal, and it's supposed to be funny, not meaningful.

I love that they are getting so much press for this. It's one of the few establishments in our area that has consistently done well for the last few years.

I wonder if any customers are going to draw on fake tattoos.

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