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December 22, 2009


A racist computer!

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Damn, that computer was tracking that white woman - PROFILING!!!!

Or it's broken?

I've been joking for years about the racist light meter on my Canon Digital Rebel. Exposes properly for white, asian, and hispanics. Black people, especially if they are wearing light clothing or are against a white background, are underexposed at least a stop.

I was in an airport bathroom somehere (no, I'm not a Senator) trying to get the water to turn on so I could wash my hands. I had on a dark suit, a black overcoat, and was carrying a black briefcase. I could not get the damn thing to turn on because it couldn't reflect any light back from me. So I think those bathroom faucets are racist too.

Have they considered sensitivity training for the computer? Or perhaps threatening it with a visit from Israeli airport security?

A lot of those airport "motion sensitive" things seem to be broken. I usually feel like such a dork, waving my hands around and hoping that the water will turn on.

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