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December 21, 2009


San Francisco faces a shortage of ugly Christmas sweaters.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Must be a slow news day, majoring in the minors. tsk

Can't they just use irony-ons?

perhaps they have to cancel their party...maybe replace it with a visit to a homeless shelter where they can mock their fashion choices and hygiene (or maybe that's where all the hideous sweaters have gone! people are using them warmth! how deliciously caveman of them!!!).


using them for warmth...

*writes 100 times "moral outrage is no excuse for sloppy writing*

No such shortage on ebay, sadly . . .

> smooches insomniac < s'okay, buddy. Well said. (I understood that the for was inferred.)

I know where they are. My mother's closet.

I have a few that were gifted to me I would gladly donate.

I've got mine!

Thank heavens there is a shortage of them. They are ugly. Great, no need for the government to get involved in that one.

Bill Geist devoted his Sunday Morning (12/20) segment to two websites that are making a bundle selling ugly Christmas sweaters.

Didn't we cover this before ?

It's an evil plot, I tell you! It's the squirrels, they plan to unlease them all on us at once just after the holidays. There'll be a tag attached saying, "This is for drinking out of our uncle Squeekers, you bastids!"

My wife, on her way out the door to go shopping on Saturday, asked me if there was anything she could pick up for me to give her mother. I asked, "Does she need a new broom?"

Was that wrong?

You're still breathing and blogging, bon - she must have agreed with at least a little. ;-)

*zooms off on new birthday broom*

Um, insert a "you" between with and at.

*what ? me - preview ??*

Is it your birthday Tele? If so, Happy Birthday!

you let the danged guvmint into your sweaters and the next thing you know you'll have them in your pants!

Thank you, NotSherly ! My birthday is in July - I just haven't had a whole lotta time to take the zippy new broom out since my step children chipped in for a new model !

Has anyone checked Pelosi's broom closet?

Well, it's San Francisco, so I'm pretty sure there's no shortage of FABULOUS!!! Christmas sweaters.

www.uglychristmassweaterparty.com is the source for all....

Speaking of ugly Christmas sweaters:


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