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December 17, 2009


With a special cigarette-shaped hole in the mitten, smokers can light-up without exposing their digits to the harsh elements.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Comes with matching "hot foot" socks.

When you live in a climate like Chicago, stuff like this makes a lot more sense than if you live in Florida.

So THAT is what causes that mid-winter cough. Question: I never smoked cigarettes. Isn't the filter shorter than the hole in the mittens is long? What happens to your hand inside the mitten when you smoke the cigarette down to the point where it is inside the cylinder?

The mitten ignites, Steve, keeping the other smokers warm and entertained.

Hmmmm. Better not smoke while walking, or you'll fall in an open manhole.

There's an app for that!

Comes complete with the companion set--two mittens that you can fit an IV line through, in hospital gown green.

OMG - where can I get these? I opened this right after coming in from 15 degree weather just to have a smoke. Those of you who aren't nicotinely enhanced wouldn't understand.

So gloves would be a new thing in Chicago?

Matches the hole in the smoker's lung.

Ummmm, am I missing something, or wouldn't the hole need to go all the way through? Unless you're inhaling through the mitten........

At the risk of repeating myself (this was posted a minute ago, now it's gone...)

Wouldn't there need to be a hole all the way through the mitten? Unless you're sucking through the fabric, which doesn't seem like it would be too efficient.

I want to see someone light up with those on.

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