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November 23, 2009




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Talk now, Dave and save your thigh. :>)

As long as Dave keeps Jack occupied in Las Vegas, the plan will succeed.

Nice blue green shirt, Dave.

Nice moobs, too.

What an impressive specimen of manly manliness. Dave, that is.

MeThinks dressing The Dave in black and Jack would be a perfect stunt double for him!

The Dynamic Duo.

Gotta wonder what Jack's doing in Vegas too ... following in the "Footsteps of The Dave"?

I thought Dave was taller than Jack. Go ahead. Pull Jack's finger. I know you want to.

In good hands? I don't see any hands in Dave's picture.


What's with the moobs?

Don't look behind you, Dave.

Nice to see you back on blog Siouxie.

Any man of a certain age deals with moobs and many men of uncertain age. And it isn't just men. One of my favorite lines from a Playboy cartoon long, long ago was, "They're not up there anymore, Henry."
So there. Pbggh!
(Not to say that we don't still want to see them. We do).

Character development.

Oh boy green shirt for the holidays, perhaps? Something different than blue.

He's writing lines for Peter Pan again. He's a method writer.

Those are not moobs. Those are highly toned pectoral muscles so there. I need glasses though. At first I thought Jack was Capt. Kirk. But I'm positive about the pec's.

The look on Dave's face make me wonder what Jack has just done with that pointy finger......

This season on " 24 ": Jack goes to China and comes back with nothing.

NSherl, thanks...good to be back. Was away in Orlando for the weekend.

he may need a man-zeere. that being said, you look great dave.

Be nice, people. Dave's a real man. A man's man. Those aren't moobs, they're chesticles.

queenie, I thought they named it "bro"???

Since you all are commenting on Dave's chestage...is it me or is one pointing higher than the other?

Ask Punkin.

Imbalanced Moobs WBAGNFARB.

With everyone occupied with the possibility of DaveMoobs, no one has noticed that Jack seems to be protecting his junk from Dave. What's up with that? I mean, given the opportunity, I would lay down my life for America and gladly protect Jack's junk. From Dave or anyone else.

Who there looks like he knows the differance between letting loose and (wrapping/opening).

Both look like they are missing/looking for Smurfette.

That's okay fella's,, there are lots of coloring pictures available!! Hehe..

In which State is Tallahassee?
I think Tallahassee is that way..

from which end does a deer eat?

from the one they make their living
the grass one

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