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November 20, 2009


Hard at work.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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I am shocked, shocked!

psst, double down, moron!

Good to see that government productivity is the same in Sweden as in the US.

I'm intrigued by this link in the sidebar...

i'm paying taxes in Sweden, now???

That's a very distracting link, jon. The concept of a flaming bra almost completely obscures the pictured attempt at a Darwin Award For Rifle Barrel Inspection.

Oh and *snork* for the hardly at work tagline. They can barely contain themselves in Swedish gubmint.

Gives a whole new meaning to "Smokin' Hot".

But I think that got blogged about a month ago.

And is it really a good idea for this blog to be giving publicity to a story about people who spend too much time not working by looking at inappropropriate websites?

bon, we're the MOST qualified group to make that assertation!

H3ll, I don't want compitition!

At work, we were issued digital cameras to document evidence for our jobs. We quickly learned that the "nanny" software for our office computers was set to delete any and all photographs we tried to download on the theory that this would be "fun" and therefore not allowed.
It did turn out to be fun because we turned it into a game of Defeat the Nanny.

They were probably driven by the filthy name of their town.

So does the phrase "not safe for work" mean it contains what if porn is the norm at work?

It's the government. They're just looking for new ways to screw you.

This is why I work from home.

"fishing the net" sounds more like it; "surfing the net" sounds so innocent. Blame that guy!

How hard is it to make asbestos undergarments?

asbestos undergarments come with the territory! ha

I thought those were for Mormons . . .

No...Mine are quite comfortable.... In North Dakota!

I can see how this happens in a Govt. workplace. Basically, no one can be fired except for the most grievous offense. Someone tried this, at a place I worked, and all they got a was a stern warning from the Superintendant..


No those are the magic fireproof undergarments

If only our Congresspersons were doing this; it would keep them out of trouble.

Clank they should have a 'net nanny' for politicians where it blocks everything except porn. At least that way they couldn't spend any more money.

I'm glad my office Nannybot only filters p0rn, gambl

I guess once the "inappropriate sites" software is installed, managers will have plenty of time to monitor their employees.

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