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November 22, 2009


ROME - Two fingers and a tooth removed from Galileo Galilei's corpse in a Florentine basilica in the 18th century and given up for lost have been found again and will soon be put on display.

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Will they display them with Napolean's d!ck (which WBAGNFARB)?


If those are his real fingers and tooth, then what, I ask you, is laying in the monumental tomb, opposite that of Michelangelo, in Santa Croce Basilica in Florence??

I guess that middle finger was his last "word" in the whole astronomy argument he had with the Catholic church.

Bishop: Your holiness, I believe your poodle has discovered a rather odd looking chewtoy.

Pope: Silencio! Can't you see I'm praying for guidance in finding Galileo's missing body parts?

What is it with the Europeans and their compulsive displaying of 400-year old corpses and body parts as tourist attractions? There are better ways of preserving a sense of history. Come to think of it, there are better ways of preserving corpses, too.

Yes, Scott - Galileo was great at giving the church the finger. The Pope was SO egotistical, always thinking the entire universe revolved around him.

'Numbsucks' is a term teachers use to give students a sense of History (in making)

"Monumental tomb" would be a good name for something.

Revolve around THIS!

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