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November 17, 2009


Cow sells for $1.2 million

(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)


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Udderly ridiculous.

Yaabut 1.2 million CANADIAN . . .

bonmot stole my bon mot.

grrrr. more interference by the IT geniuses here at work.

If the cow misbehaves, it should be shipped to Guantanamoo Bay.

I suppose she doesn't give her milk free.

Plus she wrote all the Chick Fil A commercials for the Super Bowl.

Yaabut 1.2 million CANADIAN . . .

Posted by: Mahatma Kane Jeeves (aka Brian D.) | November 17, 2009 at 11:39 AM

is about 1.14 million US. Sorry folks, your dollar is worth that much any more. Looks like we're headed for parity or above soon....

What is that, like $100,000 per IQ point?

WTFBBQ? Is it all filet mignon, or something?

I would have watched the video, but the cat on the chair next to me gave the computer some strange looks during the video ad.

No, Al, 1.2 M$CDN is only US$ 1,132,920.00 according to the Bank of Canada. But that comes out to 20,338,983,000.00 Vietnamese Dong.

Ah yes. The Dong. My economics professor stated all of her problems in dong.

If they sold shares of the cow's ownership, would that make a purchaser a steakholder?

ArcticAl: yeah, I knew they were about the same, I just thot it sounded funny . . .

cows have beautiful big eyes. i am from queens, as my screename implies, and the very first time i saw a cow up close was when i was in graduate school and we went to cooperstown to the farmers museum. I was about 22. i had nevah, evah been in a cow barn befaw. i had NO IDEA that they ate and pooped simultaneously. i was creeped out by that.
but i did notice that most cows are at least as tall as i am (OK, I'm on the short side, or my short side is short, or somethin) but they have lovely big brown eyes. i mean, we used to pass by cows in the field on our way upstate, etc. but, i nevah was close enuf to pet one.
but it smells in there.
pass the brisket, please.

Guy with the Bugatti should have bought the cow instead. (I think salt goes better with beef than with Bugatti anyway)

But it still has snot running out of its nose in the last frames.

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