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November 17, 2009


Kite-surfer dude jumps over a pier.

(Assuming this is not fake.)

(Thanks to Brian Duval)


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Why wait until perfect wind conditions? Today's kids have no sense of adventure.

The two of them kept egging one another on, until they succumbed to pier pressure.


Cue story about Kite Surfer Impaled On Pier in 3,2,1....

Up in the atmosphere,

up where the aiiiiiiiir is clear,

oh, let's go . . . well, you know.

They may want to confer with their fellow loony would be ninja about their false sense of super powers.

Who cares if it was fake, I want to know if it was intentional.

Had I done it padraig, it would definitely been unintentional. Astounding maybe but a pure accident.

This was in England? Those people are crazy. I went swimming in the ocean up north in Charleston SC once and that was about as cold as I want to get. He was probably just trying to get to a heater on the pier.
He just missed.

His friends all call him " thonk ! " .

Notice the file name:


just wouldn't capture the mood properly.

Three years is a long time to be afloat in the North Sea waiting for proper wind conditions. I'm betting there was some incredible shrinkage going on.

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