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November 20, 2009


There's something stupid in Denmark.

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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Only if stupid is beyond rotten.

You have to wonder what folks signed off on this.

Where's the "100% moron" rating for whoever thought of this?

Damn, I gotta get me some-a that...

The videogame is fun, I got the high score. But where's the awareness campaign part?

Maybe the game is supposed to make you feel guilty and uncomfortable. I mean if beating up a fake woman freaks you out, then beating up your spouse should be beyond unthinkable.

How much methanphetamine does it take before this starts sounding like a good idea?

"Dear non-danish visitor,

Due to an extremely high amount of traffic "Hit the Bitch" has been limited to only allow users from Denmark.

However, domestic violence is a global problem, so please support the fight against it in your local country.

Thanks for your interest.

Kind regards
Children exposed to Violence at Home"

There is something vaguely disturbing about this.

They blocked every Danish proxy server too.

What ever happened to just going home and kicking the cat?

We can all play the home version tonight, though, right?

We have the Sci_fi version of violence here in America.

Let's all boycott breakfast pastries.

Damn Danish.

Epic Fail!

So when do they come out with "Hit the Dick?"
Fair's fair.

i'm having a hard time imagining who needs "awareness" of this sort, anyway? if someone is willing to slug his wife, is knowing that a some danish ding-dong disapproves really going to stop him?

how about raising awareness of the poor quality of american beer? they should have warning labels. really. or how about bean dip and beer taken together? they should have psa's about that.

Battered Danish? Sounds fattening . . .

omg this is awful. cheesewiz, quite alot of meth....

This has made me think twice about that game of batting the penguin.

Okay, I thought about it. Time to swing for the fences.

High score! Woo hoo!

That's a good thing, right?

Pannus --
The cats there were getting kicked are the programmers. On the internet, no one knows that your an evil cat.

What do you call a gal with two black eyes?

Hard of hearing!

*runs and hides*

"What a stupid idea" he said with dis-dane.

Sadism must rule in Denmark. how disgusting.

KInd of like Pete Townshend's campaign to prevent pedophilia starting with his surveying kid porn sites.

-Who fan who remembers

Where can you play " Slap the Web Site Developer " ?

And the gangsta community sues for libel.

wow this isn't even funny

lol mud and mot.


It's not what we think of this that's important, it's what our European betters think of what we think of it.

I slapped my alarm clock around this morning. It made me feel a little better.

To quote Amy Poehler and Seth Myers "REALLY"

The won't allow non-Danish on the site to partake. So does anyone know where I can go now to find Danish women to slap around for this good cause?

I'm not Danish, Sharkie but go ahead! Hold on while I get my gun and baseball bat. I'll go first. I think the best poster I ever saw about domestic violence was one that said, "This is the last time he gave her flowers". It had a picture of a flower drapped coffin on it. I would like to point out that men can also be battered. I was amazed when I worked in the ER how many men came in that were beat up by wives or girlfriends. My first thought was always, "Wonder what he did?" Senseless and wrong either way.

How about substituting "Manil0w" for "The Bitch"? That would be socially acceptable, wouldn't it?

And, thank you, mud, for giving us "Danish ding-dong", which easily WBAGNFARB.

they have not invented the rubber gloves/ biohazard suit / mediocrity containment field strong enough to get me near to manilow...

I know what you mean, insom. Plus, even though it's a virtual experience, the impulse to reach through the screen and throttle/pulverize/sever the image could be overwhelming.

I thought you told me you had all the Manil0w's albums, Meanie?

Yes. They're in my fireplace.

shyjan arrival at cg/CJ central before long. There will be beer. Ya know, she looks a bit Danish to me....

CJ, please don't slap her around.

I don't think CJ would dare. Cg would likely turn him into art.

shyjan and cg are getting into the wine, now that cg got home from work.

I am staying clear, serenading them with Stevie Ray, from Concert Vault, and staying clear.

I'll try to swat Jan, later, after she's had more wine.

Gals messing around in my space. This is my carport. There's a big house, over there, plus acres of land for them to occupy, butt Jan and cg have invaded my carport. It's a carport. I asked cg to let me build my dream deck and an art studio, off the kitchen and living room, so we could have a better place to hang during good weather.

She decided it would be better if I remodeled a bathroom. Soooo, we sit in the carport now, while it's still warm. I guess I'll build the deck and firepit after the bathroom is done, outside, during the winter.

This being in love with crossgirl stuff can be stumbling. I sure would have done the deck and fireplace during the summer and fall, then the bathroom and interior projects during the winter. And yes, it gets very cold here. If you have never been in 30 degree weather in our humidity, you aren't realizing how miserable it can get. I work all over the country and the cold, in the wet South, is wedge shaped.

Neither this website or topic is very funny.

Remember when America was a Christian Nation, we didn't fear anyone, except God. Which is how it should be, what happened??

I give up. What happened ?

did we all start wondering who Mandy was??


I actually almost poured the coffee grounds in my cup.

*places sausage gravy-filled doughnuts out on BlogBar, squeezes an orange into ear*

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