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November 17, 2009


(Thanks to jon harris)


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Yeah, 'cause there was none of that when I was in college.

Fewer panty raids, however . . .

Best research job ever!

Count me in for the follow-up study.

This will probably cause a lot of clueless parents a lot of distress.

It would comfort a lot of people to say that things have gone straight to hell since the late '60s when I started school, but not really. The only thing that has really changed is that I hear someone mention a beer or a drink and I have no idea to what they are referring. They changed all the names on me.
(My kids caught me when they asked what pot made you feel like and I told them).

Uh, yeah. I got expelled from college in 85 (with a perfect GPA of 0.0) after 2 years in a coed dorm.

I even remember some of it.

What I missed in the 70s as a commuter student.

As somebody living in a coed dorm, where can I get in on this action?

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