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November 19, 2009


There is hope.

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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Let's not all bid at the same time. There are others but they cost more.

I predict that Marshall from "How I Met Your Mother" will be the winning bidder.

Vintage means old, right?

They're Eggo's. They live forever. Like Twinkies.

Oh. My. God. There's a canned pumpkin shortage too! Thanksgiving is doomed!

Are ya gonna bid or not? C'mon now. No wafflin'.

For $49.99, go buy yourself a waffle iron and about 50 pounds of Bisquick. At these rates you should make about $23,000 off them.

Bisquick, bleah! Make 'em from scratch, they'll taste better and be more healthy too (no, you can't have my recipe. You'll have to get your own 'Joy of Cooking' book).

Who in his right mind would want to eat whole wheat waffles?? That's, like, one step removed from soy flour, isn't it?? Next you'll be saying we should pour on sugar-free syrup...!

Thank God, Pop Tarts are still plentiful. For $50 you could spend the day at IHOP.

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