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November 19, 2009


Pass on the kebabs.

(Thanks to RussellMc)

Related educational item here.

(Thanks to jon harris)

Update: Another vaguely related, and disturbing, item here.

(Thanks to Mark)


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Kebabs are people???

Soylent kebabs!


When I sent this in (this version) I called it "Sweeney Todd Comes to Russia" and suggested that Corpse in the Kebab House WBAGNFA Texas Chainsaw sequel.

I did love the second item, by the way.

Maybe the victim was whining about not getting posted.
*hides knives, hammer, and secret sauce*

Fried green what??

( cancels vacation trip for anywhere within 1,000 miles of Moscow )

Is that "Pass" as in to give to someone else? Or is that the "Pass" as in "No thanks!"

*is confused*

Moscow has a number of street-side kabab vendors, mainly hanging around metro stations. One is advised "You don't really know what sort of meat's used." so ... never tried one, thankyou.

"You must dismember this...
A kebob is not a kebob..."

Well-done, Annie!

More importantly are they kosher?

You're too late. Everyone's eaten.

Know why cannibals don't eat divorcees?

They're bitter.

Wrong kind of footware on humans to be kosher, unless the person was cloven-hoofed

*SMACKS* bonmot. Who's bitter?

My daughter, then about 5, once asked me, "Daddy, do cannibals brush their teeth?"

Alright, someone has to say it...

When cannibals eat clowns, do they taste funny?

How can long pig be kosher?

Have I mentioned I've given up white meat pork? True. I still eat VERY crispy bacon, but the rest turns my tummy when I think about what else it tastes like.

(^I'm sure I've dangled a few participles and split an infinite number of infinitives with that sentence.)

I thought gato was the other, other white meat.

Moscow oysters. A byproduct.

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