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November 17, 2009



(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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First to say...

"Titans are No. 1!"

I think maybe Bud needs a little less Bud.

An ambidextrous bird-flipper. Interesting.

No Super Bowl ring for either one of those fingers.

Maybe he has a booboo on it and wants the fans to kiss it and make it better.


Be sure and watch the video. Mr. Adams wants his $250K worth.

I'm ashamed he still lives in Houston.

At least he's not Chainsaw Dan Snyder.

He did it with both hands; he was saying, "Go for 2!"

Annie, he definitely wants the Buffalo fans to kiss something.

Civility is making a comeback.

Bud's handler must have been in the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Dan Marino described a drive where the Dolphins gave the ball to a runningback to finiSH IT off (link below that story),

He wasn't any classier when his team was the Houston Oilers. He once fired a coach for being more colorful and getting more media attention than him...

He's one of those classy owners who Roger Goodell declared as too classy to have a scourge like Rush Lmbaugh join.

Perhaps he's just clairvoyant?

Finger, finger on his hand,
Pointing out into the stands,
Way up above the fans so high,
Finger, finger shows such class,
Bud says Bills can kiss his a$$.

Haven't we Bill's fans suffered enough without millionaires profaning in our general direction? Shouldn't we get the 250K to split? Just askin.

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