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November 19, 2009


Toilets Are Cool!

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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toilets are cool because of their performance.

We need a toilet with a built-in reading lamp...

Toilets ARE cool. My dog lies wrapped around ours in the summer.

The coolness of toilets is especially apparent on those mornings after drinking a fifth of cuban rum. Nice cool toilets. So good to hold on to. So cool.

Punkin, is your dog a Shi-tzu?

Is today's theme "poo?" If so, I WIN!!!! I guessed first!

SNORK! @ Annie

LOL Annie.

BFF?? Is THIS your dog??

Who knew there was a World Toilet Organization?

fun quote: basically, you are walking in someone's poo

Walk in your poo, fast through the goo
Walk in your poo, yes it's true
I'll tell the world as I make a fancy twirl
And walk in your poo, my Son

welcome to the Blog, Karl. We've had regular news feeds (using that term lightly) here on the WTO for years.

In France they had the OPM ( Organization Pissoir Mondial ), but then they got rid of all the pissoirs.

"... toilets that are seldom maintained and get taken over by encroachers..."


Karl, The Dave did.

I find toilets to be especially cool on a frosty January morning when you've closed the heating duct off in the bathroom.

Well cindy, that's one way to wake yourself up on those dark winter mornings.

I, personally, prefer coffee. But to each their own.

I prefer a nice Sundrop wiredog. If you're from the south or have lived in the south you'll not only know what it is but you'll wish you had one. It is liquid caffeine but tastes so good. I'm drinking one now.

Karl its the World Toilet Federation or........WTF?

I heard from two people who don't know each other that in Boys' Town, in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, there's a guy with a toilet seat on a bare frame. For $10.00 American, one is invited to mount the throne and attempt in 30 seconds to defecate on the man's face. His secret is that whilst one attempts the feat, he is blowing as hard as he can on the orifice, which for some reason (and probably a very good one!) will keep it shut tight.

Barnum I could have happily gone the rest of my life without knowing that.

Please pass the mind bleach.........

Having a "cool", decorator toilet has never been a priority because, frankly, I have no eyes to see it in that end. Thank god.

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