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November 17, 2009



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Kinda like Woodstock without the music.

I like that he "gained consciousness" like he was never conscious before.....

But then, that might explain how he got there.

That's a sh!tty way to spend the evening.

I'm sure all the doctors and nurses were delighted to see him. And smell him. Yuck.

I'm puttin' "The Times of India" on my blocked list for sure. As I clicked on this link I got 7 pop-ups, and when I clicked off, 3 more!!!

Perhaps he got so drunk because Hohhot ("the Inner Mongolia autonomous region") is not a hoppin' place, IYKWIM.

channeling ed mcmahon..."How Hohhot was it?"

"It was so hot, musicians were snorting ice cubes." :)

"... cows are giving evaporated milk."

"It's so hot, I saw two trees fighting over a dog."

"Ed is actually putting ice in his scotch."

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!! "C'mon, man, what'd ya fall in or something?"

My grandparents have a farm with an outhouse.
The outhouse is known as "the think tank" especially useful after Thanksgiving dinner.

This guy was just trying to get his thoughts together.

A "village type dry toilet"? Ya mean a big hole in the ground? Puttin' the hole in Hohhot?

Hohotter than a June bride . . .

Hohotter than a hohr-house on discount night?

its all been said.

o/t but, on the weekly classic Dave Barry column,which I receive via email on Mondays, some boob called Dave a mean name and I had to double smack him. It is the column titled; Barfing baby makes fellow fliers cry for parachutes. Siouxie, get the machete.

Couldn't remember anything the next day ? I'll bet his clothes did the talking.

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