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November 17, 2009


Alcohol bolstering may have been involved.

(Thanks to B'game)


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Not only an anagram, but an explanation:
"Aspiring Ninja" scrambled becomes
"Gin Rips A Ninja".

"Gin in, Pains Jar" works too.

I think it's all a publicity stunt. A painful publicity stunt.

A pirate would never do that.

Apparently NinjaBoy took someone's threat to "rip him a new one" as a suggestion for a DYI project.

CJrun: how much you wanna bet it was a pirate fence?

Well alcohol or some serious DSM-IV variation.

Bolstered by Alcohol?

That's the Mel Gibson Story, right?

While taking karate lessons one year I was treated to a graphic demonstration of the reasons that karate weapons and alcohol rarely mix and never successfully.
It was hilarious for those not immediately involved.

Alcohol bolstering is a serious offense for a ninja, isn't it?

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