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November 20, 2009


101-Year-Old Man Buys a 426-Horsepower Camaro

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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“He told me, ‘If I keep that 10 or 12 years, it will be worth about $100,000,’” Mr. Lamb said. “He’s very optimistic.”

Ya think?

He could make it from Illinois to Florida pretty quickly in his ride.

More power to him... I'm drooling over the Mustang.

You realize he's twice Mark Martin's age. You go great-great-great Grandpa. Never too late.

what's even more amazing; he's having his midlife crisis at 101!

That dude ROCKS!

He needs a steering wheel desk. For his midget girlfriend.

More power to him. At least he didn't buy hair plugs.

Time for him to start "cruzin for chicks"!

He needs to hook up with the Little Old Lady from Pasadena.

Here's optimisim!

Just in time for his children to take the keys away.

Hey! I sent this in last week at 8 a.m! Ducks. And I'm only kidding Jeff. I couldn't resist. I'm sure he will be driving down the runways at Miami airport anyday now. This guy, not Jeff although I guess that could happen also.

"I want to get that with the long-life halogen turn signals, and the titanium seat belt buckles that last longer when dragged on the pavement."

My wife made a comment about my mid-life crisis (too late!). So I told her that when she dies, I'm getting a convertible so the wind can blow through my scalp. On the back will be a bumper sticker that simply says, "Compensating".

I think this is a great story, but what really gets me is how he has outlived his 3 children. It must be quite unsettling to watch your own children grow old and die.

Schadeboy---right there with you on that thought. I hope he has great joy driving his new car. He deserves it.

Who has Mr. Coffman's coffin?

He looks really good for bein' 101-years-old ...

IMHO, he doesn't look a day over ... um ... 95?

Whoa!! What was that yellow blur?

It was a sportscar, I think.

Nice left blinker!

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