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November 20, 2009


Bullet travels through wall, shatters toilet in Phoenix apartment


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I wouldn't have needed a toilet since I would have already soiled my pants along with the 2 year old.

Huh, huh, didn't know it was loaded. Not the only thing that was loaded. Senseless toilet abuse.

If the toilet was low-flow, this was an act of justice.

Low-flows deserve it!

Texas Chili can have that same effect.

On a toilet.

Huh, lucky. Someone coulda' got their ass shot off.

What's all the commode-tion?

So that's where they got the term " potshot " .

It reminds me of something that Dave Barry said about an article where a cannonball was shot into a fortunately unoccupied bathroom. I think it was something like "In this great nation of ours, we like to feel that we are relatively safe from commode fire." Seems fair.

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