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November 19, 2009


...before this motorist winds up on the roads of Florida.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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If his wife had been in the car with him this wouldn't have happened. To his credit he did stop and ask for directions. Finally.

"I just went out on the road to have a drive, a nice peaceful drive."

Must sorta sum up what his home is like, huh? I'm glad the old guy finally got a peaceful 9 hours in his life.

After nine hours he asks for directions? What was he avoiding at home?

LOL nursecindy...

We have completely different takes on this situation!
; )

He would have turned up at the Miami airport on the runway, I expect.

My dad managed to take 9 hours to drive from Philadelphia to Scranton PA, a distance of 131 miles via the PA Turnpike. Clear weather (until nightfall), no traffic.

Back in the middle ages before Interstates were common, I entrusted a friend with being navigator on our way to Florida for Spring Break. This was before I realized he could not read a map if he saw it. Following his directions, I slowly realized we were in a State we shouldn't have passed through.
I stopped to ask directions and returned to the car in an "excited" state.
"Mantis", I yelled, "we've gone 50 miles in the wrong direction!".
"Yeah," he said, "but we're making great time."
We had a wonderful time.

Left hand turn signal was on the whole way.

Shoddy reporting. Did he get his newspaper or not?

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