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November 17, 2009


Cops: Man Hits Woman With Cheesesteak

(Thanks to Heather Lubay)


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Dammit, I asked for it Whiz Wit'!

A Philly cheese steak no doubt.

I would have just shut up and eaten the cheese steak if I had been him while ignoring her. Less trouble, more filling.

Apparently wasting a good cheese steak is a criminal offense in PA.

Which is exactly why hate crimes laws are stupid. There is no such thing, (regardless of the opinions of benghted folks living in the once fine, now hell-hole that is Philly), as a cheesesteak without green peppers and onions, and don't you dare approach my sammich with that can of CheezeWhiz!

AAAAaaand, I put Miracle Whip and brown mustard on my Cuban sammiches. And onions. And banana peppers. And swiss cheese. So THERE!

Won't somebody please think of the cheese steaks?

Won't somebody please think of the cheese steaks?

Posted by: Marco | November 17, 2009 at 06:44 PM

I have been thinking of nothing but cheese steaks since I started reading this thread.

Onions, peppers, and cheese! Oh, my!

OK, I'll admit ignorance. What is a "cheesesteak"? It sounds like a heart attack that just lies down in front of you and says, "Eat me!"

What we all need is cheesesteak insurance.

Steve - That's pretty close. Grilled, thinly-sliced strips of beef with onion and green pepper, then places on a hoagy-type roll with melting provolone, usually steamed for a minute.

Disclaimer: I'm not from or in Philly, so this may not have been quite authentic.

So yes, a heart attack on a bun, but you'll die happy.

You're gonna die of something anyway.

That po' boy ain't no hero. She oughta grinder fingers into his eyes until this sub-human fool is screaming for mercy.

[insert "hoagie" where appropriate]

Wait, that didn't sound right.....

It happened on Thatcher Road.

Speaking of Thatcher...

She was reported to be absolutely furious, as she had ordered a burrito.

I want to be an Editor..

Loving that video preview frame. It's just about the expression I made.

Women with cheesesteaks are just asking for it. There should be a law preventing women from handling cheesesteaks. She was taunting her hungry boyfriend with it. I was there. I know.

Ooh! Look what I have! I'm going to eat it all myself.

Gimme! Gimme!

I'll give you some, but only if you promise to--


I wish my company had a Philadelphia office so I could have a real cheese steak sent via the overnight pouch.

Thank you, Pogo. I am much more familiar with southern cooking which, as we all know, is a paragon of healthful eating (ha!). For example, cheese grits are delicious.

Cheesesteaks are God's gift to cardiologists.

They are best eaten in the small hours with, at least, traces of mood altering substances still in the body. This was evidently the case here.

NMUA - you CAN have a real cheese steak.

And despite living just a short drive from where this happened, I was not able to save the cheese steak from this horrible fate.

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