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November 18, 2009


Vladimir Putin in the house.


(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Putin the "white" in "white Russian."

that wacky Vlad. somebody should kick his a**.

Yo, yo, Snoop Vlad.

American culture strikes again.

I think he's putin the Vanilla Ice in the Stoli bottle.


It's lookin good for the U.S. in the USA v. Russia presidential hip hop throwdown.

LOL @ NOtSherly.

There just seems to be something very sad about older white guys, trying to be hip, "like the kids these days", with the whole sideways hat-thing.

And of course, it's just sad to BE a Baldwin, isn't it?

That photo was just begging for some text bubbles!


Word, NotSherly!

That word being "vodka" presumably.

Must be Vlad the Inhaler.

Так что не отдадим вам нашего Володьку!

No doubt he was looking for the next ABBA tribute band.

Can't touch that Vlad? Major snork at NotSherly.

good job Ron

ah, Chekov said that? i guess i'm not all that when it comes to Star Trek trivia.

oh wait, not "that" Chekov.

So we will not give you our Volodya!


His clothes fit too well. Yo Homeskya.

We comin' acha (skree-skree)
O chee chorn ya (skree-skree)
Bad Vlad from the Moska hood(skree-skree)
He goin' upside yo head good (Skree-skree)

Bad Vlad and the Autocrats would be a good name for a rock band.

You ain't seen nuthin' nyet!

That video seriously creeped me out.
And snorksy at Ron's text bubbles.

Putin on the Ritz!

snorksky. I knew that looked strange.

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