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November 22, 2009


(Thanks to Ralph)


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*Snork* Perfect!

A few years back, right around Christmas time, we passed one of those store-your-excess-junk-in-a-rented-locker places with a missing "S" at the front, so that it read "elf Storage"

cool pick.

when the Wonder Bread bakery here in Columbus was still open two of the letters in BREAD burned out on their sign. the "R" and the "E." so the sign read "WONDER B AD" as a route salesman for a rival company i thought that was funny.

maybe ya had to be there.

or maybe you're glad you weren't.

A liquor store had big letters spelling HAPPY HOLIDAYS painted across it front windows. Post-season I saw them washing them off; I guess they started right and worked left. As I drove by I saw HAPPY HO in big letters and wished I had had my camera. (This was pre-crapcam days. How did we ever get by?)

Another reason some of you need to get off your Heene's hineys and go see JERSEY BOYS (not to mention any names Dave, judi, sxi,...)

"And whatever may befall me may I never sink so low
As to have to give it up for food and become a WAFFLE HO"

I promise I didn't know anything about the TV interview, before I messed with the sign in an employer's office that had originally read "Earl Watt." I'll leave it to you anagramers to figure out just how embarrassing my modification may have been on camera, over the boss' shoulder.

Way back when, the town of Morehead Kentucky had a movie theater named "Morehead Cinema", duh.
Once on a "roadtrip" from Lexington where I was going to school, we passed this theater. Only this time it was the "Morehead inema". One letter off but we considered it appropriate.

You know, CJ, sometimes you can be a Real ....

Long time ago I saw a Steamex carpet cleaner sign that some wag had switched letters to say "team Sex".

Both the Obstetrics and Orthpedic units at University Community Hospital in Tampa are very careful with their acronymns.

May I submit

For the record, I felt bad. I liked my boss. I was just in early, one morning, and decided to mess with that sign. I had no idea a TV crew was coming in to interview him. Practical jokes are always perilous. And yet, I just won't stop....

*bad CJ; go sit in the BlogBar corner*

Very funny, pogo. Although the photos are kinda fuzzy....

Well, CJ, so long as he doesn't read this blog, who says he'll ever know?

More proof that there is a God and s/he likes slapstick.

Most appropriate! I live in Queens, New York and was taken to Elmhurst Hospital a couple of years ago with a dislocated shoulder on the advice of the 911 operator, who told me they have a "trauma center" there. So they put me in the "trauma center," where I lay on a gurney for almost four hours before somebody with an M.D. wandered by and graciously gave me something for the mind-numbing pain.(Yes, eventually they fixed my shoulder.) The other person in the "trauma center" was a housepainter who fell off a roof and broke his foot. He had already been lying on a low-to-the-ground gurney (the floor?) with his family around him for several hours when I was brought it. "Trauma center" = euphemism for thoroughly traumatized at Ihur t Hospital.

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