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November 17, 2009


The python threat is no longer such a big worry.

(Thanks to Dorakay)


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um...oh wait.

I wasn't supposed to bring my pets with me on vacation to Florida?

Damn. Just damn.

Surf's up and the water's fine! Last one in is a hot potato!

But are they tasty?

Sounds fishy.


Maybe the piranha will eat the pythons? Python Eating Piranhas WBAGNFARB also.


Piranhas eat pythons, that eat alligators, that eat poodles. The circle of life. Evolution Florida style.

Looks like one of those singing fish from Christmas past.

The more I hear about Florida, the less I want to leave Virginia.

I love Florida but it is true that some of the wildlife can be, well, scary. It is worse to realize that people are bringing in animals that can eat the native stuff.

I'll be in FL next month - would you like to borrow a few snakeheads to take care of those pesky piranha? I could bring Snakeheads on a Plane.

*barricades himself into his condo*

I'm pretty sure I saw this movie...

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