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November 18, 2009


Forty percent.

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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It also helps to know the right 40%.

Yes, WHICH 40% is the key here (speaking as a boffin...)

It also helps not to look like a rabid skeleton, Posh.

Each arm counted for 10 per cent, each leg for 15 per cent and the torso for 50 per cent.

So to get to 40% we're talking both legs and one arm?

"But girls who get it all out put off blokes – because fellas reckon they are too easy."

Like Santa and the Easter Bunny, there is no such thing.

I agree with Annie
I don't understand David Beckham.

So, I'll just look at him.

fivver, I guess I'm doomed.

*covers right arm*

And of course, as a boffin wannabe, I must further research the question, "40% of what?" Percentages are misleading. In some cases even less than 40% could represent significant square footage.

Excuse me while I take some measurements.

I like how the second article mentioned various height and weight criteria for men who are successful at meeting the ladies. But they ignored the only valid criteria: the size of his....wallet.

Math is hard!

Barbie, careful with the hair flip. You may damage your brain cell.

I'm a 39.715% guy.

You have got to be kidding me. I would much rather do anything with the Jordan person than that thing on the right. damn she's hot.

OK, got it... right knee, left arm, and two square inches of back. That will be the weirdest dress you ever saw.

But girls who get it all out put off blokes – because fellas reckon they are too easy.

And this is going to put guys off? Which guys, exactly?

Dead guys?

for njl

Steve, that woman is definitely showing more than the acceptable 40% so I'm sure most blog guys are extremely put off by that picture. Now put her in a turtle neck and they would be all over her, right guys? Besides our blog guys go for brainy ladies.

Am I the only one having problems with the drop down ad? It keeps asking me if it can do a free full body evaluation on me.

I prefer 100% for both of us.

I'm OK if you cover all the limbs, wear a thong and maybe a bag. 40%, right.

Do boffins live in Mom's basement?

40% of her is 40% of Rosie's big toe.

thank goodness this study came out! i spend ssssooooooo many hours crying, worrying, and obsessing over how to get the attention of random males i don't know who will probably leave the toilet seat up and drink all the beer. whew! one less stress!

Nothing a conical bra and a tight sweater wouldn't make up for.

Does this dress make 40% of me look big?

First time I ever wanted to be a boffin.

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