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November 17, 2009


...can be found here.

(Thanks to Don Faber)


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I suspect that in about one minute the workplace decency filter will block the site.

It is difficult to read past the headline, as it is repeated several times.

But once you do, there's a ton o' weird stuff in that article. Personal fave: female gorilla eats photo of future male primate roommate.

Hand-cranked vibrators??


Vegan condoms? Anything that keeps them from reproducing, I guess.

Siouxie - maybe it's a combination exercise bike/vibe.

*snork* @ padraig.

Maybe the always-raring-to-go bakery drop out could get a job testing these items.

Hand-crankable vibrators? Why not just eliminate the middle man altogether?

Hmmm...the new Thigh Master could be much more fun...

"Back-to-nature sex, with vegan condoms and hand-cranked personal vibrators" would be a good headline and lead-in for that story.

They probably should repeat it a few times.

"Vegan condoms"--You are who what you eat...

Nobody caught the gay male vulture couple that zoo officials were going to give a false egg to, but then the gay vultures broke up and paired off with (gasp) females and produced chicks on the same day?

This can't possibly be true. I'm pretty sure i saw that story line on Days of Our Lives last week.

In my (albeit limited) experience, trying to remove leather (or any other firmly attached bovine bits)from unslaughtered cattle for restraints, whips or any number of adult entertainment accoutrements will really tick off the cattle in question.

Mooot? When/why did you attempt to remove bovine bits from living cattle? And which bits, exactly?

Yeah, like I want to wrap a zucchini around my thing. Second thought...WWWD (WhatWouldWalterDo)?

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