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November 22, 2009


(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Dude, I'd spit in your face for free!

Phlegm at 11:00.

What? The kid wanted $50 or no deal.

If the kid had wanted $200 would it have been Felony Child Annoyance?

It goes without saying, of course, that both Misdemeanor Child Annoyance and Felony Child Annoyance WBAGNFARB.

Sheesh. That's spittin' distance from my house.

Annie, he's probably single.

They arrested him? But think how many jobs he created or saved!

SW, Siouxie's already placed dibs on this one. Sorry Annie.

They'll argue over who has to pay whom. Or who gets to pay whom. It like that old joke --

Q: What did the sadist say to the masochist when the masochist asked her to beat him?

A: No.

*snork* at 'phlegm at 11'

what's the 'street name' for spitting in someone's face? in my day we called it an 'earl weaver' (geezer baseball reference)...

*Wonders what the statute of limitations is for Child Annoyance*

Just curious....

Wait, it's against the law in California to annoy a child but they get off scot-free?
Besides, it is the honor-bound duty of all good parents to annoy their children.
However, this guy sounds like a special case. Those kids are going to need therapy if they aren't told to start making fun of him immediately.

Maybe this is what we call "mentally fond" at EXTREME

"Mentally fond" is the same as "mentally OUCHH"

It really something very shocking, and what did he get to make him spit. ?? just for $31..

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