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October 19, 2009


BERLIN (Reuters) – German police are investigating a chilli sauce to determine whether it was so spicy that it was capable of causing grievous bodily harm when used in an attack.
Police took a sample of the sauce from a kebab stand in Bremen's central train station after a kebab salesman threw it into the eyes of a customer during a fight over napkins.

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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Yes, but if the vendor next to him had had any Grey Poupon, he'd have thrown that instead.

Wow. Be careful about saying, "I need eye bleach!" in public...

Good thing he didn't ask for a moist towelette.

I saw Kebab Sauce Attack at the Fillmore East in '69.

/end geezer update


Pepper spray flavored kebob sauce. It's protection. No, it's a delicacy. No, ...

*snicker* @ Siouxie.

Just wondering about the reason the guy wouldn't give him a napkin....

DUH! Now we'll need MORE napkins!

And an ambulance.

They are really good, one ply paper napkins.

Maybe he thought the napkins were too feminine?

Siouxie and the Kebab Salesman WBAGNF...look, something shiny!

Jeff, I've got my van parked outside. It's soundproof.

gmta, bon! :D

...you can have my kebab sause when you pry (prise) it from my cold, dead, greasy, slightly stained, very aromatic fingers.

Now I feel like having a kebab for lunch.

I think that Martha Stewart was sent up after a rumpus over napkins.

"we thought when we switched to the Nerf ® skewers ,we had taken all the danger out of kebabery..."

Horace, somebody put a napkin up Martha Stewart's rumpus? I'll bet that caused quick a ruckus iykwim.

Letterman has been showing the prison riot video of Martha when she was in the big house.

Rock, scissors, paper... no, rockheads, kabob skewers, napkins.

Any robber should expect a chili reception. But a kabob sauce reception is like a nuke man!

I don't know if it merited a poke in the eye with a sharp sauce, but the customer did unnecessarily create a counter rinse urgency.

*snork* @ mtb!

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